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 (The Magic Wife) by  Sveva Casati Modignani
Mariangela  is 20. After her marriage she goes to live in a beautiful  Liberty building in Milan with her husband. Everybody admires her for her vitality and start calling her with the  nickname she has had since when she was a child and used to say Magia instead of Marinagela. But day after day her joy vanishes: after 14 years of marriage she is now a nervous and weak woman, oppressed by an husband who confounds love with possession. Till she finds her courage and rebels…
THE AUTHOR –  Sveva Casati Modignani (1938 – ), pseudonymous of Bice Cairati,  is one of the most famous author  known all over the world. She has written many books with his husband and has kept the pseudonymous also after his death. She still lives in Milan in her grandmothers’  house where she was born.  Her latest bestsellers include Rosso 2006; Singolare femminile, 2007; Il gioco delle verità, 2009; Mister Gregory, 2010;  Un amore di marito, 2011; Léonie, 2012; Il diavolo e la rossumata, 2012; Palazzo Sogliano, 2013.

(Grace and Ranieri)  Jeffrey Robinson
1962. Monte Carlo is in crisis with De Gaule’s government. In her studio Princess Grace Kelly is going to sign the letter which will definitely end her star career : she refuses the role in  Hitchcock’s  Marnie. She will be forever the icon princess who has renounced a star life in Hollywood for love. Her death is still a mystery and the real personality and inner life of the princess is known only by the ones who really loved her.  The biography has been turned into a film by Olivier Dahan – starring Nicole Kidman – in 2014.
THE AUTHOR  –  Jeffrey Robinson (1945) ,born  in New York,  is described as “the world’s leading financial crime author”. He has published The Laundrymen  and its sequels  The Merger  and The Sink,  which reveal how hundreds of billions of dirty dollars are derived mainly from the drug trade, then reinvested by businessmen, lawyers, accountants and bankers. Between 1986-1994, he published three biographies: Yamani – The Inside Story, about Saudi Arabia’s former Minister of Oil Ahmed Zaki Yamani; Rainier & Grace, and Bardot – Two Lives.

 (Panther) by  Stefano Benni
“The academy of the three Princes”  is a billiard room frequented by  legendary players like  il Puzzone, Elvis, Tremal-Naik, la Mummia, il Professore and Tamarindo. In this male world a pale, slim woman comes , the Panther, and things change…..
THE AUTHOR – Stefano Benni was born in  Bologna in  1947. His bestsellers include Prima o poi l’amore arriva (1981), Terra! (1983), Stranalandia, con disegni di Pirro Cuniberti (1984), Comici spaventati guerrieri (1986), Il bar sotto il mare (1987), Baol (1990), Ballate (1991), La Compagnia dei Celestini (1992), L’ultima lacrima (1994), Elianto (1996), Bar Sport (1997), Bar Sport Duemila (1997), Blues in sedici (1998), Teatro (1999), Spiriti (2000), Dottor Niù. Corsivi diabolici per tragedie evitabili (2001), Saltatempo (2001), Teatro 2 (2003), Achille piè veloce (2003), Margherita Dolcevita (2005), Misterioso. Viaggio nel silenzio di Thelonious Monk (2005), La grammatica di Dio. Storie di solitudine e allegria (2007), Pane e tempesta (2009), Le Beatrici (2011), Fen il fenomeno (with Luca Ralli; 2011), Di tutte le ricchezze (2012;), Pantera (with Luca Ralli; 2014).  He has also read many classics for the audio books.

(If you ask the wind to remain) by  Paola Cereda

Agata is a simple girl who does not know love and beauty. She has grown up on an island in the Mediterranean Sea by a detached father and a self -righteous aunt. Passions will change her life , passion for cooking, passion for a dumb  boy who tames horses in a circus, Dumitru, who shows the beauty of life.
THE AUTHOR –  Paola Cereda is a psychologist , fond of theatre.  She has been assistant director and then, in Argentina, she has come to know the comunitary theatre. Back in Italy, she lives in Turin and deals with artistic and social projects. Cereda has already published  the novel Della vita di Alfredo.

(the crisis is over) by Stefano Andreoli e Alessandro Bonino

The famous blog Spinoza is a satirical “anti-news” which has been selecting the most ironic and humoristic aphorism on the web. The book is the result of the thoughts and sentences of thousands authors and offers an ironis – but almost realistic –  view on the Italian and International events.
THE AUTHORS Stefano Andreoli – blogger, satirist, author for Radio and TV , has written the script for Italialand by Maurizio Crozza and collaborates with radio Monte Carlo
Alessandro Bonino – blogger and author for radio and TV programs; he collaborated with the group of Comix . A part form Spinoza, he also directs the blog E io che mi pensavo.

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