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  (Here I am) by Lucia Annibali e Giusi Fasano
On April 16th, 2013 Lucia, a young lawyer, comes back home and finds a hooded man in her flat: he throws some acid on her face. The instigator of the aggression is Luca Varani, lawyer, who had had a troubled love affair with Lucia. The book recalls the moments of their relationship, the moment of the aggression, Lucia’s fears and pains. Now Lucia is an icon for  every woman  who has experienced domestic violence .
THE AUTHORS – Lucia Annibali (1977 – ) tells her terrible experience in this book. She has been awarded by Presidente Napolitano with  the decoration as  “Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica” for her courage, and her dignity.
Giusi Fasano (1964 – ) has been  a journalist for  «Corriere della Sera» since  1989. He mainly deals with crime news.

 (Europe: yes or no) by Luigi Zingales
After the celebration of the unity of Europe and of the unique currency, the dream of the European union has turned into a nightmare , a prison. Zingales analyses the politic and financial choices our country is now facing and highlights the real problems we should solve: shortage of production and lack of development.
THE AUTHOR –  Zingales (Padova, 1963 – ) graduated at Bocconi University, and teaches at Booth School of Business at Chicago University . Member of important financial institutions both in Europe and America, in 2003 won the award as best young European economist . He contributes to  “Sole 24 Ore” and “L’Espresso” and lives in Chicago with his wife and children.

(My free style)  by Federica Pellegrini
Water is her element. She is one of the best swimmer of every time, an example for everybody. In this book F. Pellegrini explains her philosophy  and her aim:  to show how everyone can feel  harmonic with the world simply by swimming. Then she also explains the basic techniques and reveals her fears (and superstitious rituals) before a competitions. It is a sort of handbook for people who want to approach, develop and improve swimming.
THE AUTHOR –  Federica Pellegrini (1988 – ) is an Olympic champion  who has won 18 international gold medals up to now. She has already published  Io nuoto per amore (2009)

  (What  men think about us) by  Luisella Costamagna
The book focuses on what men think about women while making sex –  what attracts them, what frightens them. It is a collection of interviews that unveil an unknown male universe in a straightforward and ironic way.
THE AUTHOR – Luisella Costamagna, journalist, writer and presenter has  worked for TV programs at RAI, Mediaset and LA 7 and Sky. She is a collaborator of «il Fatto quotidiano» and  «il salvagente ». in 2012 she published  Noi che costruiamo gli uomini.

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