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(The whole life in one day) by Francesca Barra

The new “poor”  are people who noiselessly walk along the streets of our towns. They are unemployed, solitary people,  exhausted by their difficult life. They are invisible because we do not want to see them, their sufferings, their pains. Francesca Barra has spent about a month with those people at Milan Central Station and has known their past, their present, their feelings. The book tells the stories of these men and women like Gemma, Antò, Tony.
THE AUTHOR – Francesca Barra was born at Policoro in Basilicata in 1978. She is a journalist,  TV , radio and theatre writer. Till December  2013 she presented the La bellezza contro le mafie on Radio 1 Rai. Now she in a reporter at Matrix by  Luca Telese on  Canale 5. She has collaborated with «Sette» and  «l’Unità». Among her works are the book Il quarto comandamento (2011), a short story in Non è un paese per donne (2011) and Giovanni Falcone. Un eroe solo written with Maria Falcone (2012)

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 (The girl who caresses) by Giorgia Würth
Gioia is a common thirty -year -old girl, but she does not know that her destiny is written in her name . She has lost her nurse job, her boyfriend, her father is ill and her anxiety grows. One morning she sees an ad on a newspaper: a sensitive nurse is looked for at Bellinzona. Here she meets Rosaria, a woman affected by multiple sclerosis  who wants a sex assistant for her beloved husband. And Gioia discovers the world of invalid people, neglected and alienated by the society; their problems and their needs.
THE AUTHOR – Actress Giorgia Würth was born in Genoa. After graduating in communication sciences she started her carrer as an actress. Her experiences range from the theatre (Antigone, Cecità, Xanax) to the cinema (Ex, Maschi contro femmine, Sinestesia) and TV (“Un medico in famiglia”, “Moana”, “Le tre rose di Eva”). In 2010 she published her first novel Tutta da rifare, about a girl who is a plastic surgery addict.

(Everybody down) by Giuseppe Culicchia
In  1994 28-year-old Giuseppe Culicchia published the first edition of  Tutti giù per terra. He was working for a great book shop in Via Roma, where now is an Apple store. The bestseller was about  the adventures of the first temporary worker of Italian literature, Walter. After 20 years the author writes a sequel: Walter’s life nowadays. Ironical and sensitive Culicchia tells about  today’s young people showing a situation which has remained still.
THE AUTHOR – Giuseppe Culicchia (Turin, 1965) has published his first stories in the anthology “Papergang Under 25 III” (1990) by Pier Vittorio Tondelli. His works include: Tutti giù per terra (1994), Paso Doble (1995), Bla Bla Bla (1997), Ambarabà (2000), A spasso con Anselm (2001), Liberi tutti, quasi (2002), Il paese delle meraviglie (2004),  Un’estate al mare (2007), Torino è casa mia (2005), Ecce Toro (2006),  E così vorresti fare lo scrittore (2013), Ritorno a Torino dei Signori Tornio (a one act play, 2007), Sicilia, o cara. Un viaggio sentimentale (2010),  Ba-dabum! (2013), Brucia la città (2009), Ameni inganni (2011) and  Venere in metró (2012).He has also translated  Mark Twain, F.X. Toole, Bret Easton Ellis and  Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

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(An Italian comedy) by  Piersandro Pallavicini

The characters: an old ham, two fifty-year-old women university professors, a police-woman vice-inspector, difficult sons and daughters, naughty grandsons, vandal and hooligan brothers. The settings: London, Milan, the mountains, Saint-Tropez in the 1960s. The story: August 2012;  Alfredo Pampaloni calls everybody at  Solària, in his villa. Strange and violent events  start happening. The vice – inspector Erica Daldosso must solve an intrigue that has its roots in the old master’s past. And everything is told with a great humorous vein.
THE AUTHOR – Piersandro Pallavicini was born in  Vigevano in 1962. He teaches at Pavia University where he makes researches in nanotechnologies . He has already published Madre nostra che sarai nei cieli (2002), Atomico dandy (2005), African inferno (2009), Romanzo per signora (2012), London Angel (2012) and  Racconti per signora (2013). He collaborates with “TuttoLibri”, for  “La Stampa”.

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