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  (Zuga. The redemption of the last one) by Tonino Zugarelli  and Lia Del Fabro
Rome  after World War 2. A young boy from the humble Roman areas, joins the sports club of the North of Rome and becomes a tennis champion together with Panatta, Barazzutti and Bertolucci. He is Tonino Zugarelli called “Zuga” that has told about his life for the first time in this book;  on the background: a period which seems far off.
THE AUTHORS - Tonino Zugarelli was born in Rome in  1950 and  became famous in the period when the tennis National League won the Davis Cup in 1976. Now he lives in the  countryside around Rome and goes on teaching how to play tennis.
Lia Del Fabro, born in Treviso, and graduated in economy in Pavia, has worked for the Polo Museale Romano and now is a freelance journalist in Rome.

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(Steve Jobs: leadership lesson) by Walter Isaacson

This is the authorized biography of Steve Jobs, based on more than forty interviews with Jobs and his family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, colleagues conducted over two years. Jobs encouraged the people interviewed to speak honestly and  he himself cooperated with the book, asking just to see  its  cover and  to read it before being published.
THE AUTHOR – Walter Isaacson (1952) former Chairman and CEO of CNN and Managing Editor of Time is now the President and CEO of the Aspen Institute a nonpartisan educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, D.C. He has written biographies of Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Henry Kissinger.

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(Think slim) by Raffaele Morelli
The first thing to do to lose weight is to change attitude and menatlity: it is necessary to live in the present day, avoid heavy thoughts and to start appreciating our body. This is the best recipe to control weight and keep fit. And the author  supplies many useful  examples .
THE AUTHOR – Raffaele Morelli , psychiatrist and psychotherapist, has already published Ciascuno è perfetto (2004), Come essere felici (2005), Non siamo nati per soffrire (2005), Come amare ed essere amati (2006), Le piccole cose che cambiano la vita (2006), Come trovare l’armonia in se stessi (2007), Ama e non pensare (2007), Il sesso è amore (2008), La felicità è dentro di te (2009), Puoi fidarti di te (2009), L’unica cosa che conta (2010), La felicità è qui (con Luciano Falsiroli, 2011), Dimagrire senza dieta (2011), Guarire senza medicine (2012),  Lezioni di autostima (2013), Il talento (2013) and  Il segreto dell’amore felice (2013)

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 (Bonetti’s limit) by  Giovanni Floris

A troublesome night spent enjoying themselves ends in prison for the notary Ranò, and the film director Bonetti. they start talking about their memories and their story becomes the story of the generation of the 80s, la last teenagers who had dreams and thought they could have a successful life.
THE AUTHOR – Giovanni Floris was born in Rome in 1967. Journalist, RAI correspondent from the USA, he has published many essays included  Mal di merito. L’epidemia di raccomandazioni che paralizza l’Italia (2007), La fabbrica degli ignoranti. La disfatta della scuola italiana (2008) e Decapitati. Perché abbiamo la classe dirigente che non ci meritiamo (2011). He has been the author of Ballarò since  2002.

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(An Autobiographical Tale) by  Eugenio Scalfari
The author confesses that his life has been “uneasy, but lucky and happy”. Eugenio Scalfari  narrates his youth, his years at liceo with his mate Italo calvino, the first experience as a journalist in «Roma Fascista», and the years spent as the director of  «la Repubblica». It is a journey into his self, the revelations of his passions and loves. On the backgroud: the history of Italy.
THE AUTHOR – Eugenio Scalfari (Civitavecchia, 1924), worked for “Mondo” by Pannunzio, founded the “Espresso” in 1955, and has been director and reporter for “la Repubblica”. His works include La sera andavamo in via Veneto. Storia di un gruppo dal «Mondo» alla «Repubblica» (1986), Incontro con io (1994), Alla ricerca della morale perduta (1995), Il labirinto (1998), La ruga sulla fronte (2001), Dialogo tra credenti e non credenti (2013, with Pope Francesco)and  L’amore, la sfida, il destino (2013).

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