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Books of the Week: 31st March – 5th April

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(When everything will be over) by Gioele Dix
1938. Milan. An honest man comes back home shocked: the racial law have been approved and now he is a second class Italian citizen. And he admired Mussolini. He tries to keep calm and to explain his ten year old son why he will no longer be allowed to go to school with his mates. The  narrator is Vittorio, the son who tells the story of a long agony which will lead to the final mass extermination. He will save his life going on exile in Switzerland far from his family, nevertheless he still trust people and life.
THE AUTHOR – Gioele Dix knew that his father Vittorio had a  secred, sad but interesting story, and he forced him to tell the horror lived during the nazi period. This book, a lesson of history and life. Gioele Dix’s real name is David Ottolenghi. He was born in Milan and is author and director both for cinema, TV and theatre

(The mob’s hands) by M. Antonietta Calabrò
After 30 silent years this book reveals corruption and intrigues in the  triangle composed of banks, Vatican and mob (mafia). IOR now has been turned into a fundraising institution and money must be cleaned:  Bergoglio’s revolution has just started.
THE AUTHOR –  Maria Antonietta Calabrò, journalist at  “Corriere della Sera”, has been dealing with Vatican policy and economy. In September  2012 she wrote I segreti del Vaticano  about the “crow” and Vatileaks, an instant book published to report the trial against the butler Paolo Gabriele.

 (Investigation on the last 20 years) by  Enrico Deaglio
Journalists and politicians like Romano Prodi, Roberto Saviano and Adriano Sofri have been asked about the 20 years of Silvio Berlusconi’s rule.  The author follows the development of the Italian policy  with his characters and unknown backgrounds .
THE AUTHOR –  Enrico Deaglio, born in  Torino in  1947, journalist, presenter and writer, has directed “Lotta Continua” and  “Reporter”. Among his works are: Cinque storie quasi vere, La banalità del bene , Il figlio della professoressa Colomba , Raccolto rosso. La mafia, l’Italia , Besame mucho , Bella ciao, Patria. 1978-2008, Il raccolto rosso 1982-2010. Cronaca di una guerra di mafia e delle sue tristissime conseguenze , il romanzo Zita , Il vile agguato , La felicità in America , Indagine sul ventennio.

(the incredibile journey of a fakir in an Ikea wardrobe) by  Romain Puértolas
Ajatashatru Lavash Patel is an Indian fakir who lives by his wits and who goes to IKEA in Paris to buy a new bed made of nails. Once there he decides to spend the night inside the megastore till in the morning, when the store opens, he has to take refuge in a wardrobe…which unfortunately is already sold and must be sent to England. From  this moment on Ajatashatru ‘s journey and adventures start. The funny and witty story mirrors the hard life of poor people without a social status and their daily fight.
THE AUTHOR – Romain Puértolas was born in 1975 in Montpellier and  has lived in France, Spain and England doing several different jobs and supporting the civil rights for immigrants. This book, published in 2014, is his first bestseller and is going to be translated into 36 languages.

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(Is is not worth a dime)by Mario Giordano
The book is an analysis of the costs and wastes that European Union means for all the countries and highlights how it has enlarged the gaps among the states. The only solution?Coming back to our currency, abandoning the euro.
THE AUTHOR – Mario Giordano (1966) is the director of  Tgcom24, and has been dealing with political wastes and costs since when Gad Lerner presented Pinocchio. His works include: Silenzio, si ruba, Chi comanda davvero in Italia, Waterloo! Il disastro italiano, L’Unione fa la truffa, Attenti ai buoni, Siamo fritti, Senti chi parla, 5 in condotta, Sanguisughe e Spudorati.

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