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(Red wine, high heel) by Adua Villa
Gilda’s job is original: she is a wine taster. But her dream is like the other women’s dream: to get married. She is looking for a man with the characteristics of a good and precious  wine. It is not an easy task and Gilda travels around, tasting wines and men, and  sharing doubts, hopes and expectations with her two bosom friends, Lara e Adriana. Adua Villa uses a language of sense impression for her first enological novel involving the reader into an amusing journey of love and wine.
THE AUTHOR – Adua Villa is a Master Class somelier, and writes for La Freccia, Trenitalia magazine and for vanityfair.it e leifoodie.it. She has already published  Una sommelier per amica.

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by  Emanuela Papini
Luciano Ligabue has always stated he has a particular audience and Emanuela Papini records the mutual love and involvement between the songwriter and his public. His  songs are stories, descriptions of a part of The Italians  who show their love, strength and passion every day .
THE AUTHOR – Emanuela Papini was born and live in Turin. She is graduated in foreign languages and work at Regio Theatre. Her passions: Liga and Toro.

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(Truth or Dare) by Claudia de Lillo
This book is for women, neither tall nor short, neither fat nor too thin, neither blond nor black: perfect women. Women who would like to meet their prince charming or that want to remain single; women in career and women who are afraid of leaving their usual routine. For every sort of woman in the world who share the same problems.
THE AUTHOR – Claudia de Lillo, known as  Elasti, lives in Milan with her husband and her children. She has been writing on the blog nonsolomamma.com since 2006 and has published the book Nonsolomamma  in 2008 about women who work and have a family, followed by  Nonsolodue  in 2010. Since 2010 she has been writing for “D di Repubblica”.

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 (not only Euros – democracy, work, equality. A new frontier for Europe) by Massimo D’Alema

The book is about the development of a new Europe, more democratic and sympathetic  who focuses on work, on improvement. It is a hint to look forward to new opportunities which can represent a hope for future generations.
THE AUTHOR Massimo D’Alema (1949), politician and journalist, Prime Minister from  1998 to  2000, exponent of Partito Comunista Italiano. Former Secretary of Italian Young Comunist Federation and of the democratic Left Party from  1994 to  1998.

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(Everybody is right)  by Paolo Sorrentino

Tony Pagoda is a singer with  a lucky past: women, money, talent. She met important people and she has learned so much that now he can teach everybody. But when he starts meeting difficulties he decides it is time to leave. After a brief tour in Brazil he decides to settle there, till a new chance arrives and he has another opportunity to start  a new life.
THE AUTHOR –  Paolo Sorrentino (1970) is film director (winner of the Academy Award 2014 with La Grande Bellezza) and has signed the scripts of many famous films like L’uomo in più, 2001; Le conseguenze dell’amore, 2004; L’amico di famiglia, 2006; Il Divo, 2008; This Must Be The Place, 2011 and  La grande bellezza, 2013. He has already published  Tony Pagoda e i suoi amici (2012) and  La grande bellezza. Diario del film, foto di scena di Gianni Fiorito (2013).

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