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Books of the week: 3rd – 8th March

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GESÙ ERA RICCO. Contro Comunione e Liberazione (Jesus was a rich man.
Against Comunione and Liberazione) by  Saverio Tommasi

Don Giussani, founder of Comunione and Liberazione in 1954, thought that the Christian faith can penetrate every field in our life – religious, artistic, political and above all economic. Now Comunione and Liberazione has become a very powerful lobby;  its main exponents work in Universities and are politicians and managers of important holdings, banks , foundations. The book is a documented and witty report of  inquiries and interviews.
THE AUTHOR – Saverio Tommasi, actor and documentary film director, has also published La Mafia (non) è uno spettacolo together with Piero Luigi, antimafia solicitor.


RIALZATI E SORRIDI  (Stand up and smile)
by Toyo Shibata
A blogger called Tokyoremix has written that Shibata Toyo’poems  “have that tone of encouragement, with regards to love, dreams, future and self-confidence. She says that she still has hopes and dreams as her 100th birthday approaches, and famously confessed to falling in love with one of her visiting doctors.”
This was her force, a message  expressed in simple words like the ones of a child but that have the power to renew our energy as the poem below shows:

Really, to call it unhappiness
Don’t sigh
Sunlight and zephyrs don’t play favorites.
Dreams are seen equally, you know.
Though there were hardships in my life, I’m glad I went on living.
You should too, without getting frustrated

THE AUTHOR  Shibata Toyo (1911-2013) was a bestselling Japanese poet who started writing at the age of 92  after back pain forced her to give up her hobby of classical Japanese dance and thanks to  the her son Kenichi’s suggestion. Her  first anthology Kujikenaide (″Don’t lose heart″)was published in 2009; of 2011 is her  a second anthology. Shibata died on January 20, 2013 in a nursing home in Utsunomiya, north of Tokyo at the age of  101.


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LA ROMA SEGRETA DEL FILM LA GRANDE BELLEZZA (The secret Rome of the film The Great Beauty)
by Costantino D’Orazio
The books unveils every corner of Rome, to convey the reader a beautiful and magic vision that tourists can’t see. D’Orazio takes the reader to  the places  where  Paolo Sorrentino  has shot the  scenes of La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty), winner of the Academy Award for the best foreign film: the terraces where parties are held; the gardens where the protagonist walks;  the luxurious shops.
THE AUTHOR –  Costantino D’Orazio (1974) is a art historian. He has explored Rome and his artists for over 20 years telling us about the capital city through books, lectures and exhibitions. He collaborates with magazines and is always a guest  at  Geo & Geo on  Rai 3. Among his publications are Le chiavi per aprire 99 luoghi segreti di Roma, Le chiavi per aprire 99 luoghi segreti d’Italia and  Ritratti romani .


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UNA DONNA LO SA  (A Woman Knows)
by Dalila Di Lazzaro
The beautiful and famous actress Dalila Di Lazzaro has written this book to speak about women through her personal experiences and relationships. She tells events which reveal different female figures: her mother, her sister, her friends, her antagonists, and the everyday women she meets.
THE AUTHOR –  Dalila Di Lazzaro (1953 – ) started her artistic career with  Andy Warhol, and became the protagonist of the Italian cinema in the 1970s and 1980s with Oh, Serafina!, Un dramma borghese, Voltati Eugenio and  Tutti dentro. After her son Christian’s death in 1991, she started a campaign in favour of the adoption  by single parents and wrote L’angelo della mia vita. After two accidents, she has started a campaign to sensibilize people about chronicle pain with the bestselling book Il mio cielo. La mia lotta contro il dolore.


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WATCH OVER ME (Ho bisogno di te) by Daniela Sacerdoti
Eilidh is  desperate: a failed  marriage, the loss of a child and an oppressive family  have pushed her to the limit. She feels the call  of the land where she spent her childhood, the only place that gives her solace , a small village in the Scottish Highlands. There, Eilidh is at home and starts rebuilding her life and recovering  her broken heart. She meets her old friends , among them Jamie, who is trying to raise  his daughter Maisie alone – he has just lost his mother and has been abandoned by his wife. But both Eilidh and Jamie  are not as alone as they think and a help comes from a very surprising person. Watch Over Me is an ethereal book, beautifully written, sweet and involving, a book that reveals feelings that our frantic everyday life usually represses.
THE AUTHOR – Daniela Sacerdoti, born in Naples, was brought up in Ivrea, near Turin. Now she lives  near Glasgow with her husband and sons. She loves being with her boys, reading, chatting with her girlfriends and making up stories. She has already published The Sarah Midnight Trilogy (Dreams, Tide and Spirit) books for young adults –, and  Really Weird Removals Adventures! stories for children.

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