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Books of the Week: 24th February -1st March

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LADRI – (Thieves)  by di Stefano Livadiotti
The Italian revenue knows who does not pay taxes, everyone . It could force them to pay relieving the honest people who pay. But tax evaders grant votes to politicians. This book shows how evaders are a force inside the state, how they are protected and supported and how, on their turn,  protect and support the governments, in particular the right wing.
THE AUTHOR   – Stefano Livadiotti has been writing about economy and policy for “L’Espresso”  for 25 years. As an author he has published L’altra casta. L’inchiesta sul sindacato (2008); Magistrati. L’ultracasta (2009); I senza Dio. L’inchiesta sul Vaticano (2011).

LE STELLE NON SONO LONTANE (Stars are not far off) by Candida Morvillo
The story focus on  a 25-year-old TV presenter, Astrid, who would like to become the star of TV Saturday nights. But she has to fight against other competitors in a corrupted world populated by despotic presidents, neurotic politicians, depressed celebrities, escorts, gays  and uninhibited teenagers. It is the description of a country which appears as a  wonderland but that hides compromises and degradation.
THE AUTHOR  –  Candida Morvillo is a columnist for  Corriere della Sera Mediagroup, and writes and presents “Pernientecandida”. She has published  the essay La Repubblica delle veline, vita vezzi e vizi delle ragazze della tivvù dagli anni cinquanta ai giorni nostri and in 2005 won the International Award “Angelo Rizzoli” as the best newspaper journalist under 35.

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IL MEGLIO D’ITALIA ( The Best of Italy) by  Enrico Brignano
In this book Enrico Brignano lists, with his usual humor and passion, all the reasons that could make Italian people proud of being Italians. Art, “cuisine”, music,  literature –  the best writers, composers, painters and artists in general come from Italy but we are now unable to appreciate and exalt our culture. And we let our best minds leave (he calls them:  migrant brains)
THE AUTHOR –   Enrico Brignano (1966 – )  after studying acting at Gigi Proietti’s art laboratory, has become famous as an actor both on the stage and on the screen. In 2007 he founded  his own art laboratory,  Pomezia Artès. Up to now he has  published Sono romano ma non è colpa mia (2009),  A sproposito di noi (2008) and Tutto quello che non vi ho detto… a Ostia Antica (2010).

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I DIAVOLI  (The Devils) by  Brera Guido Maria
London. Two men are playing tennis at the Royal Albert Hall: Derek Morgan, trader of a great American bank and Massimo De Ruggero, his successor, the man who will inherit his power. But De Ruggero knows that the western society we know is  falling down. Its fall has started and can’t be stopped.  Guido Maria Brera shows the reader the figures that handle  our destiny and  control us using their power.
THE AUTHOR – Brera Guido Maria is founder and  chief investment officer of an important company of patrimonial management  and lives between Milan and London.

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IL PARADISO NON E’ UN GRANCHE’ (Paradise is Nothing Special) by  Arisa
The story of this novel is partly autobiographic. It follows the ascent of a girl who dreams love and fame and that has to face her uncertainties and disappointments. She starts living and singing with her lover till one night a discographer hears  them and  her career starts. But there is always the other side of the coin: success and money cause misunderstandings and loneliness, contrasts and guilt feelings. Sometimes it is dangerous to realize a dream.
THE AUTHOR –  Arisa, real name  Rosalba Pippa, became famous with the song  Sincerità, winner at  San Remo’s festival 2009 as a new proposal. In  2012 she took part of X Factor as a judge and in 2014 has won again the Italian Song  Festival with Controvento.

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