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Honest entrepreneurs and businessmen are the real Italian heroes nowadays. This book is about eight exceptional men who, in a period of depression and recession, have tried to go on with talent and courage. And they have succeeded showing  that our country can win over the crisis.
THE AUTHOR – Corrado Formigli, (1968 – ) presenter of  «Piazzapulita» on  La7 started his career as a journalist in «Paese Sera». In 1991 he moved to London and then started  his collaboration with «il manifesto». From 1994 to 2002 he was often  a guest in RAI and mediaset TV shows. In  2003 presented «Controcorrente” and interviewed  Abu Omar, the Imam kidnapped in Milan by CIA.  From 2008 to 2011 he was a reporter for  «Annozero».

slow food

Carlo Petrini reveals some events of his own life as a gastronome and founder of SlowFood. He reports risky and adventurous journeys to tell the story of a  liberation – the liberation of an energy, and a creativity  that accept every difference and which highlight every aspect of human abilities in every country and which can represent a possibility for countries like Africa.
THE AUTHOR –  Carlo Petrini is famous all over the world in the culinary field. Founder and president of “ARCI gola” later “Slow Food”  (1989) he has created the Slow Food Fair in Turin, the University of culinary sciences and Madre Terra network. In 2004 Time magazine honoured him with the nomination European Hero of our times as Innovator. He has published Atlante delle vigne di Langa (1990), Le ragioni del gusto (2001), Buono, Pulito e Giusto. Principi di nuova gastronomia (2005), Che cos’è il gusto? Audio CD (2010).


GOSSIP by  Beth Gutcheon
This is a sharply perceptive novel about all the ways we talk about one another, the fine line between showing concern and doing damage, the use of information to sustain, or destroy, one another. Loviah “Lovie” French is the owner of a small, high-level dress shop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She is renowned for her taste, and her clients turns to her for special occasion dresses. Among them are her two best friends of school time – Dinah Wainwright and Avis Metcalf. They are friends but as a matter of facts there is a chilly gap which divides Dinah and Avis, an old resentment….
THE AUTHOR – Beth Gutcheon is an American writer. Educated at Harvard, she has spent most of her adult life in New York City. In 1978, she wrote The Children of Theatre Street, the narration for a feature-length documentary on the Kirov ballet school. Other successes followed: Still Missing (1981) then made into a feature film called Without a Trace directed by Stanley R. Jaffe and more recently  More than You Know (2000);  Leeway Cottage (2005); Adieu and Amen (2008).


SALUTE E BUGIE by  Salvo Di Grazia
For our health and beauty we are ready to believe in every sort of cure and in every alternative treatment  – homeopathy, acupuncture, stem cells or bicarbonate by Simoncini. The only way to show the damages of the frauds and the illusions of useless treatments and to save men is  to give information.
THE AUTHOR –  Salvo Di Grazia, doctor and surgen, is a collaborator of ilfattoquotidiano.it and of scientific magazine. He has founded the blog “MedBunker” to give information and show the frauds hidden in the medical field. http://medbunker.blogspot.it/

il banchiere

IL BANCHIERE DELLE PUTTANE by Carlo Giuseppe Granara
We are living in a period of decay typical of every turn of century, the only difference is that we have never lived as civilized people.  IL BANCHIERE DELLE PUTTANE is the description of our society: the exasperate search for money, sex, power.…. It is the story of Carlo Galli, director of a bank , who is offered to be the bank referent for the world of escorts. He comes to know the corruption of a town and of a society totally different from the ones he thought and desired. And he asks himself if there will be a future for him and for people around him.
THE AUTHOR –  Carlo Giuseppe Granara  (1967 – ) from Catania, after graduating  in Economic Sciences, has been working in Milan for 10 years. This is his first work as novel writer.

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