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IL LUPO DI WALL STREET by Jordan Belfort
The book is the biography of Jordan Belfort who, starting as a telephone operator,  improves his career  till becoming the richest and most famous broker in New York. At 26 he an icon of success as the owner of Stratton Oakmont, a financial empire.  He gets richer and richer, knows every sort of excess and leads a jet-setting life, till the scandal destroys his empire, sends him to prison, and leads him to drug abuse. The book has been adapted into a film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
THE AUTHOR – Jordan R. Belfort (1962 – ) is the protagonist of his own book and describes his ascent into the financial world till his conviction of fraud crimes related to stock market manipulation. After spending 22 months in prison, he accepted to collaborate with FBI and now is a motivational speaker .

downloadTUTTA COLPA DELLA NEVE!  ( e anche un po’ di New York!) by Virginia Bramati
It is a simple story, born on the web,  which tells the everyday life of Annalisa Miolinari, Sassi for her friends. She is a young woman who has started her working career as a lawyer and has moved to Milan. She works, keeps in touch with her friends, goes back to her birthplace in Brianza where her mother lives and hides a painful secret in her heart. Everything is perfectly planned but one day some snowflakes change the events.
THE AUTHOR – Virginia Bramati lives and works in Milan like the protagonist of her book. . This is her first novel.

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NUMERO 1 (number 1) by Gigi Buffon and Roberto Perrone
The best goal keeper in the world tells about himself, his life, his family…his  first time on a football pitch. He mainly lingers on the people who have influenced his whole existence like his wife  Alena, and on his best moments –  when he became father. At the end of the book there are the photographs which at best explain and describe the most meaningful and evocative moments of Gigi’s existence.
Gigi Buffon (Carrara, 1978) started in A league playing for Parma at 17.  Soon he became goalkeeper for Juventus and played for the Iatlian team (Nazionale) at the World Cup of 2006 when Italy was the winner.
Roberto Perrone, of Ligurian origins, lives in Milan and works for “Corriere della Sera”  as sport, cooking and travel correspondent. Perrone has published the novels Zamora,  La Lunga and  Averti trovato ora; a series for children Banana Football Club and four books of recipes for football fans.

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BELLE & SEBASTIEN by Nicolas Vanier
1943. In a remote village in the mountains, among high and cold peaks life passes quietly. Till two great enemies come: the Germans and a big beast that slaughters the cattle. The villagers want to kill this predator;  all but one, Sébastien, an orphan who, instead, wants to protect and defend the animal – Belle,  a beautiful she dog, a great Pyrenees that becomes his friend.  Sébastien is helped and supported by  his grouchy grandfather César, the nice baker Angelina and the young doctor  Guillaume who helps Jewish people to escape, under the implacable eyes of  German lieutenant  Braun . This simple story of love and friendship written by Cécile Aubry,  has moved generations since its first pubblication in the 1960s. Then it became a TV series and a Japanes Cartoon.
THE AUTHOR – Nicolas Vanier, French  writer and film director, conquered cinema goers with the film Great North in 2003 about the life of leather hunters in Yukon, Canada.

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IL CONTO VATICANO by Carlo Marroni
Someone sent flowers on behalf of a pope not yet elected,  to the family of a New Yorker banker murdered in an alley. Who?  This is only one of the mysteries the new pope Giustino  decides to  solve about Vatican, involving Ludovico Siniscalchi in his investigation.  And  Siniscalchi – a priest, former spy in the Italian Secret Service – must face scandals which put to the test  his faith.
THE AUTHOR –  Carlo Marroni, born in  Siena in 1961, living now  in  Rome, is a financial journalist  who has been working as Vatican’s reporter  for “Sole-24 Ore” for some years.

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È STATO LA MAFIA  by Marco Travaglio
People are captured by the range of news broadcast by the media and on the web: footballers and curvaceous girl distract the attention from a sad and unbelievable reality.  But there is a hidden truth which can’t remain  unheard: the connection between the Italian government and Cosa Nostra, the Mafia, the mob. Probably, Travaglio writes, after Capaci slaughter, judge Paolo Borsellino came to know about this connection and was then killed on 19th July 1992. Twenty years have passed, and it is still difficult to unveil a truth masked by misleading reports.
THE AUTHOR –  Marco Travaglio vice-director of  “Fatto Quotidiano”, collaborates with the weekly magazine  “l’Espresso”  and with the talk show “Servizio pubblico” by  Michele Santoro. Among his famous books are L’odore dei soldi (with  Elio Veltri), Mani pulite (with  Peter Gomez and  Gianni Barbacetto) , Regime (with  Peter Gomez) , Ad personam, colti sul fatto, Berlusmonti, l’illusionista (with  Pino Corrias and  Renato Pezzini) and the book + DVD  Silenzio, si ruba. He is  also a performer in the theatre performaces Promemoria ,  Anestesia totale and E’ stato la mafia together with Isabella Ferrari.

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