kay woodward

Kay Woodward was born in Barrow-in-Furness and went to college in Brighton. Now she is living in the New Forest with her husband and daughter. She says: “And never at any point have I lived more than ten miles from the sea”. She has been publishing children’s books since 1992 – before she worked as an editor. Among her books are Wuthering Hearts – influenced by Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë – and the series Skate School. She’s also written film and TV tie-ins (authorized adaptations) including The Golden Compass, Happy Feet, Robin Hood and Shoebox Zoo, non-fiction titles (libri non romanzi) and joke books (testi divertenti).

Jane Airhead (2010) is about Charlotte,  a teenager who attends Harraby Comprehensive and  who loves Charlotte Bronte’s story of Jane Eyre (1847):  the gothic atmosphere, the passionate and mysterious male hero (eroe maschile), Mr. Rochester….She dreams to live in a Gothic mansion (palazzo)  in the Yorkshire countryside and to meet the man of her life. Unfortunately her love life is quite non-existent, or better, she is attracted by Jack Burley, who doesn’t even know she exists. But if she can’t have a love story, maybe (forse) her mother can and she starts looking for a Mr. Rochester….and eventually she finds him: he is the handsome (bello) new French teacher.  As usual  her hopes are soon frustrated: he reveals not to be properly the man she thought. Kay Woodward’s use of Jane Eyre as her references is a great homage to Charlotte Brontë, and gives the possibility to know and appreciate the classic also to the younger generation.

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