ted sturgeon (1918 – 1985)

Ted Sturgeon was born on 26th February 1918 and along with Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and A. E. van Vogt, Sturgeon is considered one of the principal authors of the so-called “Golden Age” of science fiction (i.e. 1939-50). His real name was Edward Hamilton Waldo, but he  legally adopted his stepfather’s last name around age 11. Excellent gymnast, he had to abandon athletic because of the consequence of a rheumatic fever, and devoted to writing. While joining (si arruolava ai)the Merchant Marines, at 17 he started publishing his first story , Heavy Insurance. In 1939 his science fiction piece The God in the Garden debuted  in “Unknown” magazine. He did many jobs before getting his living (guadagnarsi la vita) just as an author in the 1960s. In this period he experimented TV writings: his are the scripts (sceneggiature) for series like  The Invaders, The Land of the Lost, The Wild, Wild West and  six Star Trek episodes.  Sturgeon was also the author of a number of reverse adaptations – from film into novel (dal film al libro) – , including the novelizations (versione romanzata)  The King and Four Queens, The Rare Breed, and Disney classic Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. In 1985, after struggling with lung problems for ten years, Theodore Sturgeon died of pneumonia (polmonite) leaving seven children and five divorced wives . Among his noteworthy (degni di nota) works are Slow Sculpture (1970), The World Well Lost (1953), Some of Your Blood (1961), More Than Human (1953), and the posthumously published Godbody (1985). As to short stories, his most popular is Microcosmic God, about a biochemist who creates a race of tiny beings (razza di piccolo esseri) who live, at an accelerated rate (tasso di accelerazione elevato), inside an artificially generated shield (scudo).

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