oliver twist (1838)


the story – Oliver was born in a pauper home and his mother dies giving him light. When he is at the age of six, he goes to work in a working house. Starving and beaten, he asks for more soup and is sent to work outside, in an undertaker’s. There he is ill-treated by Noah, a young man jealous of him and he escapes to London. There he comes under the eyes of Fagin the Jew, master teacher of pickpockets. He is caught by the police and placed in the home of Mr. Brownlow. But Oliver is found by the gang and forced to accompany Sykes, the housebreaker. On his first assignment, Oliver enters the house and tries to warn the people inside. He is shot while the other burglars run away. Mrs. Maylie and her adopted daughter Rose take care of Oliver. At the end the situation evolves: Oliver is the son of a girl, sister of Mr. Brownlow’s best friend. Fagin’s gang is caught; Nancy helps the gentleman to get Oliver but is murdered by Sikes who dies while escaping.

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