charles dickens (1812 – 1870)

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Charles Dickens is the most popular English writer of the Victorian age and author of, among others, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and David Copperfield.

A Christmas Carol: The novella set on Christmas Eve, spreads the message of love and generosity by showing the transformation of Scrooge, an elderly miser, when he realises that love and friendship are much more important than amassing a fortune.

Carol also Christmas carol [countable]: a traditional Christmas song.


1812 – Charles Dickens was born at Landport, Hampshire. His father is a clerk in the Navy Pay Officer at Portsmouth. The family soon moves to live in London. Charles is unusually precocious child.
1821 – His father debts become urgent and the family has to economise.
1823-24 – Charles is going to school, but when his father is imprisoned the child has to earn his living in a blacking factory working from morning till night.
1824 – Charles goes back to school because family affairs seem to improve, but soon he decides to go to work in a lawyer’s office. Then he begins to work as a parliamentary reporter.
1833 – He publishes Dinner at Poplar Walk and starts writing for the Monthly Magazine
1836 – He publishes Sketches by Boz and joins the staff of the Morning Chronicle, a daily newspaper with a high reputation. In the same year the publishers Chapman and Hall commission him a text to be published monthly. Dickens writes the first instalment of Pickwick Papers. He marries Catherine Hoggard, the daughter of his editor.
1838 – Oliver Twist appears
1839 – Nicholas Nickleby is published: it is about cruelties on children.
1841 – He publishes Barnaby Rudge, an historical novel on crimes and violence and The Old Curiosity Shop.
1842 – Dickens goes to America. When he returns he publishes American Notes.
1843 – the writer begins a series of Christmas Books with A Christmas Carol (they will last till 1848)
1844 – Martin Chuzzlewit appears. It is about slavery and materialism.
1844-45 – He spends most of his time abroad, in Italy and France.
1846 – he publishes Pictures from Italy
1848 – The novel Dombey and Son appears. He publishes the first instalment of David Copperfield, an autobiographical work.
1853 – Bleak House is published. It is a novel of social criticism. He starts helping the Italian refugees
1850-1865 – the author writes Hard Times, A tale of Two Cities, Little Dorrit, Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend. All of these novels are pervaded by a sense of depression and stress.
1850 – Dickens In this same period, in fact, he stars suffering from lameness that is the first sign of the paralysis. His nervous strain becomes excessive and he never recovers from the shock of a railway accident. However, he goes on travelling to Paris and America, giving lectures on his works.
1869 – Dickens attempts his first mystery story, Edwin Drood, but collapses and does not finish it.
1870 – the writer dies and is buried in Poet’s Corner, Westminster Abbey.

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